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Israel - 13.5MW - Installed 2022

Project is on a water retention basin that supports surrounding farmers. It provides power while helping to mitigate water evaporation and is a collaboration of EDF Renewables and INBAR Energy.

Netherlands - 6.3MW - Installed 2021

Project is located on a former coal plant cooling pond and was a collaboration with RWE, E.ON, Essent and Volta Solar

Netherlands - 3.5MW - Installed 2020

Project highlights the flexibility of Profloating's FLOTARĀ® floating solar system, maximizing the available water body area and supplies power to a nearby Microsoft data center.

Netherlands - 3.5MW - Installed 2021

Project is located on a water storage pond

Netherlands - 2MW - Installed 2021

Project is located on a water basin

Netherlands - 6.4MW - Installed 2022

Project is located on an active sand excavation site

Israel - 1MW - Installed 2021

Project installed on a water irrigation basin, providing power and helping to mitigate water evaporation.