In 2023, US Floating Solar joined with Profloating, the world's most reliable floating solar partner, as its exclusive North American Agent, to set up and secure Profloating's supply chain and leverage US Floating Solar's nearly 20 years of solar industry expertise to direct the marketing and selling of Profloating's industry leading floating solar products to utilities, EPC’s, asset owners and developers in the renewable energy sector.

Profloating developed its solution in 2015 and launched the FLOTAR® floating PV system in 2018, the same year US Floating Solar was established. Together, US Floating Solar and Profloating provide the experience to ensure the design, engineering, and construction guidance for long term, safe and productive floating solar projects.

Profloating's mounting, mooring, and anchoring solutions work in various application scenarios, such as on hydropower and pumped hydropower facilities, on drinking water reservoirs, water treatment plants, quarry lakes, coastal areas, power plant retention ponds and in flood plains.

With leading industry experience, expertise and proven results, Profloating and US Floating Solar's achievements have positioned us as a top floating solar mounting system provider.

Profloating FPV floats are designed and engineered in the Netherlands and proudly Made in the USA for the North American Market.

As a part of the van Mierlo group of construction companies, established in 1927, Profloating provides results for qualitative, reliable and sustainable floating solar solutions.

Profloating's mission is to be the most reliable floating system provider and US Floating Solar is proud to be part of the team.