US Floating Solar, with its investment partners, are market leaders in floating solar,

providing the experience and financial strength to ensure the design, engineering,

floating procurement, construction and asset management of safe, reliable

floating solar projects.


And now, Sungrow Floating PV, the world’s first Gigawatt level floating PV system supplier,

has partnered with US Floating Solar as its North American Agent for its industry

leading floating solar products.


Sungrow FPV has supplied 1.4GW of floating systems around the world (as of June 2021)

in various application scenarios, such as on hydropower facilities, in extreme

cold region areas, on drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, water treatment plants

and in large water depths dams etc.


Sungrow FPV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sungrow Group, with 24 years

of R&D and production experience in the PV industry. Their R&D team has applied

for more than 100 patents for the floating body mounting system, anchor system,

inverter & booster floating platform and system O&M.


Sungrow FPV is a market leader in floating photovoltaic (FPV) technology standards.

DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, awarded a Statement

of Conformity to Sungrow FPV, for inland water and coastal areas, for its anchoring

and mooring design methodology for FPV systems.


The Statement of Conformity is the first of its kind to refer to the DNVGL-RP-0584,

Recommended Practice for Design, Development and Operation of floating solar

photovoltaic systems. (Published March 2021)


With leading industry experience, expertise and proven results, Sungrow Floating PV

achievement has positioned it as the top floating solar provider.  Sungrow FPV’s mission

is to be the most  reliable and efficient floating PV system & solution supplier in the US.


US Floating Solar is excited to work with Sungrow FPV in developing the

US floating solar market for utilities, EPC’s, asset owners and developers.